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Technology Expertise - PIC Microcontrollers

PIC Tools

CCS C Compiler
This is a great C Compiler for PICs. It is very efficient and easy to use. They have several demo boards available which make it very fast and convenient to prototype virtually anything.

We have several demo boards, similar to theirs, that allow us to analyze customers' problems and quickly generate diagnostic systems incorporating these boards.

PIC16F628 demo board | PIC16F877 demo board
PIC30F6012 demo board | PIC16F946 demo board

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a demo board.

MPLAB from MicroChip is still the Gold standard. Although we use other tools such as the GNU PIC tools and OshonSoft simulator, MPLAB is still what we come back to to resolve any issues.

OshonSoft Simulator
This is a great piece of software and a great simulator. Our goal as a small consulting firm is to do more with less and this is a great way to debug and analyze our code long before it ever hits the hardware. The writer of this code is very responsive to any suggestions for improvements and bug fixes. We support a good product! To learn more, please visit

Disassembling PIC Hex files
We had several .hex files and the actual C code was lost. The C compiler manufacturer and version that we built the files with was unknown, as it was early in our PIC work.

So...we wrote some disassemblers. The PIC12 disassembler is quite complete. The PIC16 is a work in process and will be upgraded as people motivate us. They are freely available in an 'AS IS' condition for your use:

PIC12DASM Disassembler | PIC16DASM Disassembler

F628 Demo Board
F877 Board
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