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Educational Services

Tom Rockwell, founder of Techwell Solutions, is available for in-house training or at a site near you.

We have several courses available for in-house training or at a site near you:

Introduction to VHDL - A basic introduction to the VHDL language with key examples and labs. Covers VHDL Design Units, Architecture Fundamentals, VHDL constructs, FSM Coding, Types and Packages. All with an early focus on Design ReUse.

Advanced VHDL - Using constructs in VHDL more efficiently with emphasis on synthesis and code maintenance. Covers Language elements, Control Structures, Attributes, Driver Resolution, VHDL Timing Analysis, Packages, Testbenches, File I/O, Bus Functional Models, Observability, Vital Libraries and Coding for Synthesis.

Extreme VHDL - Hardcore VHDL, not for the faint of heart! Covers use of predefined attributes and types, the creation of custom attributes and advanced code maintenance concerns across design teams.

Advanced Testbench Design - Writing a testbench that covers your code is no simple task. With some simple guidelines and an out of the box approach, you can get better coverage, more robust designs and improved fault detection before the design is committed to copper. How to write a better Bus Functional Model.

Simulation Using ModelSim - The tool of the experts. Many designers use less than 2% of the commands and power of Model Technology's ModelSim. With some interesting looks at how and why to use the commands, an understanding of the tool is developed and the designer becomes more efficient at tracking down elusive problems.

Advanced Verification Techniques - You've been given the specification along with twenty other designers on the project. What are the possibilities of misinterpretation? Who should write the verification testbench? What are the best ways to detect ALL problems and enunciate in a VHDL testbench? These and many other concerns are analyzed in detail to help designers understand how things can go wrong and how to help guarantee that things stay on track.

Design for ReUse - Everybody wants to do it! Some accomplish it across two projects. Now learn what are the limiting factors stopping design reuse. I have been saying for years how designers should write code. With some ripping examples of how NOT to write code, you may better understand WHY and perhaps change your style. Caution: This course could effect you!

Please send us an e-mail at Let us know what your needs are and how these courses can help you be successful!

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