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Think of Techwell Solutions as your offsite engineering partner.

Techwell Solutions is the design house for small-but-growing businesses. We use a hands-on, interactive electronic product design approach. We'll help you take an exciting new concept and develop it into a finished, ready-to-market product.

Think of us as your offsite engineering partner. We'll help you take an exciting new concept and develop it into a finished, ready-to-market product. Our services include system modeling, schematic capture, board level simulation, VHDL/Verilog coding, board layout/ assembly or prototype development, turnkey manufacturing and test fixture development.

We’re very customer-friendly, we believe in high quality, personalized service and we have the flexibility to regroup and refocus our resources to meet your changing needs.

Our Customers
Techwell Solutions offers hands-on electronic product design for small-but-growing businesses. Confidentiality agreements prevent us from listing specific companies, but our customers are spread throughout the Northeast in cities such as:

Our Founder
Tom Rockwell, the founder of Techwell Solutions, has worked in the electronics design industry since 1981. He was an early adopter of VHDL and FPGAs in the industry, and spent twenty years at Eastman Kodak's Electronics Research Labs in Rochester, New York.

Tom has also worked for Altera Corporation as a Field Applications Engineer and performed extensive beta testing for both Altera and Xilinx. He started designing in VHDL in 1992 and began doing full board simulations in 1995.

• Rochester, NY
• Victor, NY
• Hauppauge, NY
• Raleigh, NC
• Research Triangle Pk, NC

• Buffalo, NY
• Syracuse, NY
• Rockville, MD
• Reston, VA
• Charlotte, NC

"As a way to give back to our schools and community, we teach a robotics class using the Lego® ROBOLAB at the local schools and community center.

This enables us to instill a taste for engineering, robust design and scientific journaling at an early age. The students have fun and the adults are always amazed. And hopefully, we will entice a few more students to consider the wonderful world of engineering."

- Tom Rockwell

He started Techwell Consulting with a desire to specialize in custom design work and teach courses in advanced design concepts.

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